Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Companies - 2019
Ciena: Optical Networking for Adaptive Networks

Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Companies - 2019

Currently, a superior level of digitalization, increased machine-to-machine communication, and onset of many other innovative commercial, industrial and private applications have set very high requirements on the underlying optical network infrastructure. Mostly for this reason, optical networks are now undergoing a radical change from traditional static architectures to more dynamic, flexible, and adaptable concepts. As the digital IT infrastructure further augments, future optical networks should be able to provide rapid and on-demand provisioning to optimally support the emerging applications in an efficient manner.

The recent advancements in the optical networking technologies are allowing greater programmability, higher-speed optics, and more flexible purpose-built products. For instance, present metro optical line systems are being designed and built to meet optimal operational performance. It is expected that purpose-built networking solutions will expand outside of metro data centers into new areas as enterprises and service providers seek ways to deliver the flexible network for the lowest cost per bit.

That said, gearing up for the 5G wireless is projected to be a game-changing development for 2019. While standards are still being defined, service providers will continue the rollout of 5G services in select markets throughout the US.

At the help of these technological advancements, to help CIOs find the right optical networking solution provider, our distinguished selection panel has evaluated hundreds of leading-edge companies that showcase unique methodologies, techniques, and technologies to serve their customers better. In our selection, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need for cost-effective and flexible networking solutions.

In this edition of Enterprise Networking Magazine, we present you the “Top 10 Optical Networking Solution Providers - 2019”.

    Top Optical Networking Solution Companies

  • A leading-edge company specialized in the programming, testing, and distribution of quality third-party fiber optic products at affordable prices

  • Provider of IT datacenter hardware products including memory, storage, networking, connectivity upgrade solutions, and third-party maintenance services

  • Provides networking systems, services, and software company that help businesses and consumers build more adaptive networks in response to the constantly changing demands of their users

  • Designs, develops and manufactures innovative fiber optic connections, adapters, and accessories customized for any application and built to exact specifications

  • is the creator of the leading open source machine learning and artificial intelligence platform with a vision to democratize intelligence

  • Concured


    Provides with the content engagement sweet spot telling exactly what to write about that will cut through the noise, fill knowledge gaps, resonate with audience and increase ROI whilst reducing costly waste

  • Kensho Technologies

    Kensho Technologies

    Creates breakthrough financial intelligence products for their colleagues at S&P Global and some of the world’s leading financial institutions

  • NovuMind


    NovuMind enables AI in products and services through the NovuTensor chip that enables deep learning models to run at the speed of silicon with low power consumption

  • OppScience


    Provides organizations with the platform they need to meet the challenge of dealing with data in the modern era: the volume, the speed of growth, the variety and the veracity of it

  • Scaled Interference

    Scaled Interference

    Scaled Interference provide, an AI system that is leveraged to drive sustained quality improvements and growth