Top 10 Optical Networking Companies - 2020
Infinera: Breaking the Traditional Molds or Optical Networking

Top 10 Optical Networking Companies - 2020

Communication is an essential part of every industry, and optical networking is rapidly emerging at the forefront of the communications race. As technology continues to evolve every day, new players are entering the market in vast numbers. This has heated the debate between technology lovers, people focusing on simplicity, and operational aspects. In recent years, a lot of telecom operators and enterprise networks have turned their attention towards optical network disaggregation. A majority of these prefer the model of disaggregating the entire optical line system from terminals or optics.

One of the primary benefits of this model is that network disaggregation decouples innovation cycles. With improvement on the terminal side being much faster than the photonic layer, disaggregation allows network providers to leverage the latest innovation. However, this comes at the cost of complexity with system integration, management, and orchestration. This needs to be carefully considered, especially by network operators who lack the required expertise and resources available in-house.

As the world prepares for the complete roll-out of 5G, experts predict the technology will be a game-changing development that shall have an impact on every facet of life. Besides, last-mile (FTTx) technology and infrastructure will continue to evolve to support this technology, including new business models to share infrastructure costs such as neutral hosting and spectrum sharing. The integration of powerful silicon chips into compact optical transceiver will help simplify construction in a manner that reduces overall power consumption and increases transmission capacity. At high speeds like never before, integrated silicon optics are designed for both data center applications and possible 5G wireless support.

As the world of optical networking continues to transform rapidly, we have put together a list of the most promising companies in the industry to help our readers identify the one that best fulfills their needs. We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s 'Top 10 Optical Networking Companies - 2020.'

    Top Optical Networking Companies

  • AddOn Networks has successfully established itself as a fiber optic networking partner catering to enterprise, data center, as well as federal government networks

  • FIBERONE'S U-Series Cassette reduces the rack storage space for fiber connectors and, at the same time, increase their accessibility for the technicians. The cassettes contain 12 connector slots that slide forward when connectors are attached to them while they are in an active state. This provides technicians with easy accessibility when they install or inspect the connectors. The cassette is equipped with U-Guard that manages 12 connectors together while ensuring that they don't interfere with other connectors in the chassis.

  • Empowers network operators to scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation and automate optical network operations.Founded in 2000, Infinera is one of the mavens that provide an end-to-end portfolio of packet-optical solutions for the long-haul, metro, and cloud. The company has recently announced the successful completion of a live network trial of 800G single-wavelength transmission at 96 giga-baud over 950 km across a long-haul link in a major North American network operator’s production network. Powered by Infinera’s sixth-generation dual-800G Infinite Capacity Engine (ICE6) technology, this achievement signals a major industry milestone in driving down the cost per bit of telecommunications networks. The trial highlights the ability of Infinera’s 800G technology designed to enable network operators to rapidly and cost-effectively address the increasing capacity demands of new services such as 5G, enhanced broadband, and cloud-based business services

  • LightSpeed Technologies offers end-to-end Network solutions that address the ever-growing need for bandwidth, agility, and resiliency in the communications network of mission-critical industries. The company provides a complete range of Nokia products, including Optical (DWDM), Data Networking (Ethernet, IP/MPLS), Microwave Radio, Ultra-Broadband Technology (FTTX, GPON) and Wireless (private LTE) products. LightSpeed Technologies does not take a one-size-fits-all approach and proposes its solutions with all applicable hardware, software, and services, only after gaining a thorough understanding of the networking requirements of organizations. More importantly, the company only sells the solutions but also provides consultation, knowledge transfer & training to help its clients leverage their solutions

  • IT network services company that uses optical networking within retirement communities



    ADTRAN, Inc. is defining the future network with innovative next-generation solutions that enable telecommunication service providers to deliver voice, data, and video services to homes and businesses. The company's vision is to enable a fully connected world where the power to communicate is available to everyone everywhere. ADTRAN was founded in 1985 in Huntsville, AL. The corporate headquarters remains in Huntsville with additional R&D centers in Germany and India and sales offices located throughout the world. Innovation has been at the heart of the company since its inception and is recognized through the vast portfolio of patents that is more than 700 strong

  • Mainstream Fiber Networks

    Mainstream Fiber Networks

    Mainstream Fiber Networks is a locally owned and operated fiber optic internet provider located in Nashville, IN. The company is dedicated to providing high-speed connectivity to the rural areas of southern Indiana. Mainstream's team works to deliver fiber-optic infrastructure to areas that would otherwise not have access to reliable internet access. The company's mission is to provide customers and communities with affordable, reliable fiber optic service solutions and superior customer care. We will work to educate communities about the benefits and value of high-speed internet

  • Metro Fiber Networks

    Metro Fiber Networks

    Metro Fiber Networks is a licensed telecommunication service provider providing IRU dark fiber leasing and point to point circuits. MFN owns, operates, and maintains 100% of its unique underground and subsea fiber footprint. Metro Fiber Networks was formed with several goals in mind; create a carrier-neutral fiber provider to bring carriers into the Hampton Roads market to compete with current carriers and fulfill the high demand to securely transport data on an uninhibited fiber network with bandwidth control. Since its inception, MFN has done just that, constructing a vast network of over 200 route miles of high count fiber reaching from the Cable Landing Station in Virginia Beach to QTS Richmond NAP, in Henrico County

  • OFS Fitel

    OFS Fitel

    OFS is a premier designer, manufacturer, and provider of optical fiber, fiber optic cable, FTTx, optical connectivity, and specialty fiber optic products. The company's marketing, manufacturing, and research teams listen to customers and work with them to provide innovative fiber optics products and solutions across a broad spectrum of applications: Communications, Industrial Ethernet, FTTH, Medicine, Aerospace & Defense, Sensing, and much more. Whether enabling customers to deliver broadband solutions or laser power, OFS provides the right optical fiber, fiber optic cable, and components for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective solutions

  • Pioneer Communications Group

    Pioneer Communications Group

    Pioneer Communications Group focuses on delivering trusted service and quality communication solutions to clients. Building and maintaining long-term relationships has always been a top priority for the company. For more than 20 years, the company has been providing project management, technical, and specialty construction services to wireless communication networks in the Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain regions. Over the past 20 years, the company's goal has been to exceed our client’s expectations in quality, speed, and professionalism