Noovis: Extending the Enterprise Footprint with Fiber-Rich Networks

Noovis: Extending the Enterprise Footprint with Fiber-Rich Networks

The enterprise network is evolving at an accelerating pace, pressed by the need for greater bandwidth and speeds required to drive Converged, IoT, Smart City and similar networks. Recognizing the undeniable consumer demand for reliable bandwidth, providing fixed and wireless connectivity for users via intelligent fiberoptic networks stands out as the most viable option for core infrastructure. Rising to the growing demand for agile networking solutions, Maryland-based Noovis designs, builds, and integrates intelligent networks that support IoT and other future-facing technologies for clients developing critical infrastructures, enhanced communities, and smart cities. Noovis supports government and commercial customers to employ environmentally responsible solutions with robust networks and infrastructure that solve their growing network challenges. Noovis’ co-founder and Managing Director, Bill Crowley remarks, “Noovis is uniquely qualified to enable its clients to bridge the gap between the more traditional approaches to network infrastructure and the future-facing holistic approaches now available for agile network design, deployment and integration.”

The Noovis team will review each opportunity, conceptualize various approaches and distill the potential solutions into forward facing designs and deployments while integrating the required network topology and agility on a client-by-client basis. According to co-founder and president, Eric Welty, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all design for creating the perfect network as the real-world scenarios are far too varied. “The complexity of requirements ranging from full-scale mobility to IoT and smart cities are very different from the solutions we deploy for the DoD or Intelligence Community, while both still require the application of evolving technologies and devices—collaboration is key,” he adds. To this end Noovis has built an innovation center in its Hanover, MD office with the specific goal of bringing together technology partners— network switching, routing, and device manufacturers, as well as clients and end users—to work on various designs & provide an environment to create optimized, fully integrated solutions.

By bringing together core pieces of technology and peripheral devices in the innovation center, various configurations and designs are able to be tested for the desired outcomes during the early phases of conceptualization on a client-by-client basis. “We conduct a knowledge sharing session and complete an indepth site survey to understand the client’s objectives and expectations,” expounds Welty. In one particular client interaction, Noovis worked closely with Erickson Living, one of the largest senior living providers in the country, deploying multiple smart campus communities. By committing to an all fiber network, the Erickson Living IT team has transformed itself from a cost center into a profit center while providing a remarkably high-level of bandwidth access for connected devices, WiFi, building automation and more.

Leveraging the inherent benefits of fiber optic networks, Noovis has been collaborating with teams to discern the optimal mitigation measures for cyber-attacks, insider threats, and even EMP concerns. According to Crowley, technical expansion to keep pace with market demands is critical, stating that the company has expanded from separate WiFi, DAS, and fiber networks, to SD-LAN, IoT and smart city ecosystems. “We will progress along with the changing market demands from baseline infrastructure into more advanced and converged topologies, demanded by the acceleration of requirements for self-driving vehicles, smart cities and related networks,” concludes Welty.