Infinera [NASDAQ: INFN]: Redefining Scalability with Intelligent Transport Networks

Infinera [NASDAQ: INFN]: Redefining Scalability with Intelligent Transport Networks

Tom Fallon, CEO, Infinera [NASDAQ: INFN]Tom Fallon, CEO The need for scale and virtualization are drastically transforming IT and network architectures from old models of functionally heavy networks to a simplified model of cloud services and intelligent transport. In this new model, IT functions are distributed to multiple cloud data centers. To reduce IT complexities, operators need to simplify, scale and increase the flexibility of their networks. This has converged IT services into precisely two layers— cloud services and intelligent transport layer. The services from layer 3 to 7 including security, voice, and CPE are managed by the cloud service layer whereby NFV enables operators to migrate services from standalone devices to software services within cloud data centers. At the lower layers, transport functions such as packet, OTN, and WDN are converging to fulfill the need for cost-effective network leading to an intelligent transport layer. To support this next generation of IT infrastructure, operators require scaling bandwidth while automating optical network operations. Hitting the bull’s eye in this regard is Infinera [NASDAQ: INFN], a leader in optical networks, that offers Intelligent Transport Network architecture to deliver unprecedented scalability, flexibility, and programmability while addressing growing bandwidth demands. Founded with the vision to enable an infinite pool of intelligent bandwidth, Infinero enables organizations to scale network bandwidth and simplify optical network operations through its Intelligent Transport Networks.

Providing End-to-end Optical Networks

Infinera’s Intelligent Transport Networks comprise of end-to-end packet-optical solutions that are specially designed for long-haul, subsea, data center interconnect and metro applications. The company delivers the right products for each of the client objectives from lowering costs to increase scalability to improve network performance. For multiservice aggregation and transport of enterprise services in a variety of applications, Infinera offers its XTM Series of products that is a high-performance Packet-Optical Transport System (P-OTS). These products deliver optical and packet services supporting cloud legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) and LTE-Advanced/5G radio access network (RAN) transport services for a modernized metro network. The XTM Series’ simple and disaggregated architecture allows clients to easily scale their Layer 0 optical services, Layer 1 transport services and Layer 2 Ethernet services. This way the products provide clients with terabit scalability for cloud-scale networks. Clients can easily deploy simple coarse wavelength-division multiplexing ring or complex dense wavelength-division multiplexing mesh networks with the XTM Series’ optical line system. Simultaneously, clients can tune across the C-band for multi-terabit networking of Carrier Ethernet 2.0, wholesale or 100 gigabits per second (Gb/s) data center interconnect services.

Infinera offers completely simplified network design, operation, and implementation offering features like zero-touch provisioning and intuitive graphical user interfaces

At the same time, Infinera’s XTM Series enables enhanced performance for LTE-advanced and 5G supporting higher capacity. The products deliver precision timing and synchronization with low latency performance that leads to superior performance. An important thing to note is that these products are carefully designed to maximize space and power savings to offer a low TCO with a higher ROI. The various packaging options that it provides allow organizations to configure an optimized networking solution as per their requirements.

Infinera also addresses the needs of metro and regional networks through its XTC-2 and XTC-2E platforms that offer services for low bandwidth with low power consumption and a compact footprint. Combining the benefits of PIC technology, integrated packet-aware Optical Transport Network (OTN) switching and the flexibility to address subsea, long-haul, regional and metro networks, the XTC platforms support 1.2 terabits per second (1.2T) per slot. Clients can enjoy more than double the switching and transmission capacity through non-disruptive in-service upgrades while maintaining the same footprint and power consumption. The new 1.2T modules offer complete investment protection as they offer coexistence with deployed 500G modules. The XTC Series also offers up to 12T of non-blocking switching capacity without trade-offs between client-side tributary capacity and line-side capacity. These platforms deliver a next-generation converged packet, OTN and WDM solution for metro core, regional, long-haul and subsea applications, providing high-bandwidth 100G, 500G and 1.2T WDM transport and packet-optical switching.

Serving the needs of data center interconnect is Infinero’s Cloud Xpress Family that is developed to connect data centers and high capacity point to point Ethernet transport applications. To meet the various needs of cloud service providers, internet content providers, and enterprises, the Cloud Xpress Family offer multiple models. The first generation of the Cloud Xpress includes four models supporting varying configurations of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), 40 GbE and 100 GbE Ethernet ports for client-side connectivity, and a 500 gigabit per second (Gb/s) wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) super-channel output, all in just two rack units (2RU). On the other hand, the second generation is based on the Infinite Capacity Engine specially curated for scalable 100 GbE DCI over a 1.2 terabit per second (Tb/s) super-channel output in just 1RU.

The Cloud Xpress Family offers built-in optical amplification with a reach of 130 to 150 kilometers (km) without external amplifiers. When this extended reach is combined with a super-channel line output, the Cloud Xpress Family can deliver a combination of plug-and-play reach and capacity superior to alternative solutions. This simplifies network deployment, configuration, and ongoing management while increasing reliability.
Building on Three Powerful Pillars

Interestingly, the company’s products are built around security, simplicity, and cost-effectiveness. Infinero thoroughly understands the importance of securing enterprise as well as customer data, which is why its Intelligent Transport Networks feature built-in support for wire-speed encryption and strong authentication. Talking about simplicity, Infinera offers completely simplified network design, operation, and implementation offering features like zero-touch provisioning and intuitive graphical user interfaces. Infinera also ensures cost-effectiveness in its solutions by offering low power consumption, high density in a small footprint and on-demand network capacity with Infinera Instant Bandwidth.

"Infinero enables organizations to scale network bandwidth and simplify optical network operations through its Intelligent Transport Networks"

Over the years, Infinera has been instrumental in providing successful optical networking solutions to a myriad of clients across the globe. In one instance, GÉANT, a collaboration on network and e-infrastructure service provider that faced difficulties in the rapid growth of its network beyond 10 gigabit per second (Gb/s) flows to ensure network performance is both responsive and cost-effective. At the same time, the client wanted to reduce the cost of packet forwarding on backbone routers and upgrade its IP trunk capacity to keep up with traffic growth. With Infinera’s DTN-X platform in place, GÉANT was able to route traffic across super-channel backbone based on VLAN or MPLS tags. Resultantly, the client saw a 50 percent reduction in expensive router ports with the ability to evolve to dedicated 100 Gb/s backbone trunks. Along with Infinera, GÉANT was able to create the foundation for software defined network-capable Intelligent Transport Network. “Infinera’s packet optical solution offers an effective approach to optimize the GÉANT network and efficiently and optimally handle large traffic flows,” says Mark Johnston, Chief Network Operations Officer at GÉANT.

With a customer-centric approach, Infinera has partnered with numerous organizations around the world to extend the reach of its Intelligent Transport Network solutions. Recently, the company acquired Coriant, a global supplier of hyperscale network solutions. With this acquisition, Infinera will be able to scale up as the next wave of global network spending begins, creating one of the world’s largest optical network equipment providers. This alliance allows Infinera to capitalize on the next wave of global network spending opportunities as network operators transform their networks from 4G to 5G, from Optical Transport Network (OTN) to packet and from closed to open network architectures. Infinera will provide its clients the ability to unlock the value of combined network solutions to power large operators. “Acquiring Coriant is a fantastic opportunity, strengthening our ability to serve the world’s largest network operators, accelerating our ability to leverage vertical integration and reinforcing our commitment to our long-term business model,” says Tom Fallon, CEO of Infinera. “This powerful combination immediately benefits our combined customers by delivering the innovative technology required for the next wave of network spending.” With such endeavors, the company is keeping up with its spirit of quenching the thirst for bandwidth with its end to end optical networks providing scalability to power future needs.
- Khyati Dubal
    October 03, 2018