AddOn Networks: Cost-effective and Efficient Enablers of Optical Fiber Technologies

AddOn Networks: Cost-effective and Efficient Enablers of Optical Fiber Technologies

Patrick Beard, CTO, AddOn NetworksPatrick Beard, CTO
The increasing demand for high bandwidth data communications applications continues to lead enterprises and data centers toward deployment and expansion of optical fiber technology infrastructures, which ensures the sound accommodation of high volume network traffic and scalability. The evident growth in consumer demand and machine-to-machine network traffic makes it imperative to adopt advanced networking technologies. However, the challenges in their adoption include the issues pertaining to the conversion of existing hardware and software for using fiber optics, which can turn out to be extremely time-consuming and costly. In light of this, AddOn Networks has successfully established itself as a fiber optic networking partner catering to enterprise, data center, as well as federal government networks. The company offers compatible and cost-effective optical transceivers and high-speed cabling to clients with assured product compatibility and quality, in the backdrop of research-oriented development and testing. “Our entire line of networking solutions includeoptical network transceivers, high-speed fiber optic cabling, and memory products that ultimately help our clients upgrade their networks,” states Patrick Beard, CTO of AddOn Networks.

AddOn Networks offers compatible optical transceivers with capacities ranging from 100Mbps to 400G, which are compatible with more than 100 OEMs, including CISCO, Brocade, HP,and Juniper. The company’s multi-coded solution allows it to program multiple OEMs onto a single transceiver, providing clients with multiple OEM environments with the opportunity to minimize stocking inventory to one device for spares, network growth, and future project roll outs.

Additionally, for clients whose network environments are standardized on a specific OEM’s platform, such as CISCO, AddOn’s optic solutions help upgrade and conveniently roll-over to a different OEM, such as Arista, which saves them the implementation cost by reusing the equipment they currently have in place.

It is vital that enterprises deliver high-quality, large-capacity connectivity to meet the rising needs of its employees and customers

Another key differentiator of the company’s offerings is that they support legacy technologies in specific OEM environments, which other OEMs cannot deliver.

Apart from its products portfolio, AddOn Networks has significantly invested in its product qualification processes that are conducted within the test and production laboratories, which contain more than 475 pieces of equipment that represent the clients’ network environments. This makes it easier to run product tests and quality checks to ensure elevated product standards upon delivery. AddOn Networks continuously vets solutions in customer-specific applications; testing, and verifying every product before they are shipped out to clients, reducing the risk factor to a great extent. Its proprietary software and manufacturing floor control system Data Traveler System™ (DTS), helps drive the company’s operational structure and quality management. The DTS plays an integral role in ensuring the quality of the products as it moves through the shop floor while ensuring the production process from module to module, order to order, and shipment to shipment, is consistent.

AddOn Networks’ multi-pronged approach to delivering optical fiber technology has resulted in the company achieving a staggering 99.98 percent reliability rating. The company has established itself as the leading third party fiber optics partner for Fortune 500 customers with large network infrastructures, enabling the seamless transfer of huge volumes of financial transactions and data to support their entire customer base. With a vast experience of over two decades, AddOn Networks aims at developing and growing its 400G product line. They are also heavily investing in quality control measures to ensure interoperability among products. Apart from that, AddOn Networks is advancing toward investments in edge-core equipment to offer optical solutions at the 400G level, which it has already begun to offer. The next big thing the company is focused on is its 5G enabling roll-outs to help clients make the incremental speed leap and shift from network cores to edge equipment.
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AddOn Networks

AddOn Networks

Tustin, CA

Patrick Beard, CTO

AddOn Networks has successfully established itself as a fiber optic networking partner catering to enterprise, data center, as well as federal government networks